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How to host your VPS Server

Shared hosting and dedicasted hosting are not enough for many people. In that case it is advisable to look at the possibilities of a VPS Hosting. VPS Stands for Virtual private server. It is a physical server that is then split into pieces with a dedicated IP address. Virtual software divides this into virtual servers. […]

Cheap dedicated servers in the Netherlands

Are you about to rent a dedicated server? In this article, we will briefly consider some important points. This way you know all the ins and outs about cheap dedicated servers in the Netherlands.   Hire a dedicated server Are you about to hire a web server? Then it is certainly advisable to look for […]

Hosting for beginners

If you are at the point to choose a hosting company, it is very important that you take a number of aspects into account. If you do not take this in consideration, it may happen that you have to switch to another provider afterwards and this will bring costs with it. If you read and […]

Security and data protection of your server

Securing a server in order to store your data in a safe manner is very important nowadays. But how can you store your data in the safest possible manner? In this article, we will briefly discuss a number of points that will ensure that your server is properly secured, so your data is safely stored […]

Upgrade your dedicated servers

Big websites or gaming servers should be hosted on dedicated servers. If you get a lot of visitors every day, dedicated servers are the way to go! In contradiction to shared hosting, with dedicated hosting you don’t share your server with other people. Because of this, the server will oftentimes be faster and more secure. […]

Tips for working with a VPS hosting

Do you want to host your website or game server on a VPS? VPS hosting will be the perfect choice for the average person who wants to host a server or website! VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggests, VPS is different from shared hosting. Shared hosting is oftentimes cheaper, but […]