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Do you want to rent a dedicated server in America? But you are not sure what it all is exactly. In this article we will talk briefly about the possibilities of renting a server. This way you know exactly what to do so that you are not faced with surprises. In this article, we’ll talk about what a dedicated server is and what to consider.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a physical server that is assigned to you as a customer. The big advantage of a dedicated server compared to a virtual server (VPS) is that you have to deal with physical resources (RAM and CPU), this gives you much more power and sites will run faster than on any other server! For this reason the dedicated server is a hosting that is more and more popular. If you want to host a fast website with no delay, then it’s good to look to the possibilities of a dedicated server. If you want more information, feel free to contact us.

Is a dedicated server something for my company?

You might be interested in a dedicated server, but wondering whether your own server is something for you? In this section we will tell you the advantages of a dedicated server. One of the problems that often remains is the technical part. It is possible to take a managed dedicated server with DirectAdmin. The complete server management is provided by the hosting company, the only thing you have to do yourself is to set up the websites on the server and manage the websites. The maintenance, updates and any disruptions will be handled by our system administrators! So you really don’t have to worry about it. This is really useful but if you want this you need first to have a look if the hosting provider is offering this as a service.

For the more advanced users, the question is often what the advantage is between a virtual server (VPS) and a dedicated server. With a VPS you get virtual resources and the physical server is therefore divided into multiple virtual servers, so the physical server will have a higher load / load and you will also notice this in the performance of your applications on the VPS. With your own dedicated server, you are assigned a physical server and you do not work with virtual, but physical resources. In addition to having a higher performance, you will also be assigned your own IP address and the performance will therefore not depend on other customers because you are the only user of the server.

Compare different companies to get the best price

Do you want the best price for renting a dedicated server? Then it is good to look at the possibilities for comparison. This way you know for sure that you have the best price and that you are not paying too much and that is of course very nice. If you need additional information, you can always contact us.