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Big websites or gaming servers should be hosted on dedicated servers. If you get a lot of visitors every day, dedicated servers are the way to go! In contradiction to shared hosting, with dedicated hosting you don’t share your server with other people. Because of this, the server will oftentimes be faster and more secure. However, it’s important your dedicated servers have the right specifications. Is your server getting slower and slower? Then it’s time to upgrade your servers! How do you upgrade your dedicated servers? It’s not very hard to do! Most of the time, your hosting company will be able to do this for you. Just follow the steps in this article to make sure you make the right choices! After reading this article, you will know exactly how to upgrade your own dedicated servers.

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First, make sure your software is up-to-date


Before you request your hosting company to upgrade the hardware of your servers, you should check if your software is up-to-date and if the server is clean. Did your amount of visitors significantly increase, then it’s possible the current hardware isn’t the perfect choice anymore. However, if things didn’t change a lot, there is a chance your server needs a cleaning. You can choose to restore a backup, do a manual cleanup or to install a tool that can clean the server for you. Outdated software can also lead to a slower server. Besides that, outdated software can be a security risk. Because of that, we recommend you to update your software regularly. In that way you don’t have a server with any well-known vulnerabilities.


Upgrading the hardware of your server


Are you sure software isn’t the problem? Then it’s time to upgrade the server’s hardware. This is fairly easy. First, it’s important to know what the problem is. Do you need more space for the data you want to store on the server? In that case, a new or bigger SSD will work. Did your customer base grow? Then you will need more bandwidth. If you don’t know what kind of hardware upgrade your server needs, you should contact your hosting company. Your hosting company should know what kind of hardware you need.


Contacting customer service


If you choose the right hosting company, you can always contact customer service for all your hosting-related questions. At wdmsh.com we know everything about hosting. Is your website too slow or is there another reason why you want to upgrade your dedicated servers? Just contact our support and we’ll help you out!

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Do you want to change hosting company?


Are you currently hosting your website at another hosting company and do you want to change hosting provider? In that case we recommend you to look at our different hosting plans. We’re sure we have the right hosting plan for you! We have the right plan for every kind of customer. If you don’t know what kind of hosting plan you need, just contact us.