How do you set up your VPS Hosting?

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Do you want a website, or do you want to email from your own domain name? Then you need a server, in this case a VPS Hosting. You place your website on this server, so that it can be reached through the internet. Now it is quite a hassle to arrange a server yourself and to secure and maintain the VPS Server. This is why there are hosting providers. The companies host the website for you and you rent a piece of server from the company, on which your website will be placed.

What is a VPS Server exactly

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This means that multiple virtual servers run on one physical server with extra memory and processor capacity. You share the server with others, but you have full access to your own piece of server, and you have complete freedom of choice regarding the operating system and specifications. This is not the case if you choose Shared Hosting. You also have more options with a VPS in terms of computing capacity, memory and data traffic.

With Shared Hosting you also share a server with others. You also share the memory and computing capacity of the server. If there is another site on the same server that requires a lot of capacity, it can slow down your website. This is not always a bad thing, because this is usually well-balanced, but if you run a busy website or webshop, it is very annoying. With a VPS you therefore have more options, freedom and more stability than with Shared Hosting.

Why should I buy a VPS Server?

With a VPS you have the ultimate freedom because you can set up a VPS as you wish. This requires technical knowledge, but you do have all the control. Do you want to host multiple sites on your VPS? Everything is possible. Do you not have technical knowledge? Then a Managed VPS is a good option because the hosting provider will take care of your VPS server.

Another benefit is that with Shared Hosting you will share your IP address with other websites and applications that are on the same server. But if there are others on the server who are making trouble, such as sending spam, it can also affect your website. For example, if the IP address is blocked by certain servers, it may be that your mail does not arrive or does not arrive at all. With a VPS you have fewer problems with this, because you have your own IP address.

You can choose what is best for you

A VPS offers enough options, which makes it sometimes difficult to make the right choice. The scalability of a VPS is therefore ideal if you do not know exactly which VPS you need. Start with a package that meets your minimum needs and scale up when it turns out that you need more space, for example. Do you need additional information? Feel free to contact us and we will help to look the best solutions for your website.