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A reliable web host ensures that your site is always active with minimal downtime; However, a bad web host can be detrimental to your success by capsizing traffic, not to mention your SEO ranking. For this reason, it is important to optimally protect your website. But what ways can you apply to protect the website? You can read this in this article so that you can perfectly secure your web hosting. If you have any additional questions regarding this article, you can always contact us.

Take care of websites that are on the black list

There are many reasons to avoid blacklisted IP addresses, including the reputation of the hosting company and, more importantly, your emails sent from your domain will not be blocked by other providers because of the IP address. A blacklisted host means that your email is also blacklisted. For this reason it’s very important to take care that the website is not on the black list. Do you want to check it? Feel free to contact us or look the internet for possibilities.

Make sure u make good backups

It is important to regularly backup your site no matter where you host your website. Making backups will ensure that you have a current version of your site’s files and assets in case something goes wrong – be it from a hacker or a cyber criminal, or a situation where hosting has been interrupted. Backups are surprisingly easy to make – especially if you’re using the Cron job. If you have a cPanel environment, log in to your host’s control panel, then it is needed to write a good command in the cPanel environment. If you need information then it’s good to look to the possibilities.

The uptime of a website is really important

Uptime refers to the amount of time that your website is active, available to visitors and potential customers. Anything that isn’t uptime is downtime. Downtime means people can’t reach your site, which can be frustrating for potential visitors, while also costing you traffic and revenue. In addition, if people can’t reach your site the first time, they may not try again. Basically, the higher your uptime score, the better. A good hosting provider offers uptime guarantees (say 99.9%). This means that the company will make sure your website is live and that percentage of the total number of hours running in a day. To track site uptime, we use web tools that monitor our site every five minutes and record downtime (if applicable).

Update the password of your website on regular base

Hackers are getting smarter, so it’s not enough just to set up strong security. One scenario (which happened in real life) could be when someone who works for a hosting company leaves on bad terms and takes customer data. That person now has the password for your site. He can sell it or use it himself. For this reason it’s really important to have a good and strong password that you need to change on regular base.