Private Seedbox servers

Private Seed 500 GB500 GB250 Mbps, UnlimitedFree€5.00/mOrder Now
Private Seed 750 GB750 GB350 Mbps, UnlimitedFree€7.50/mOrder Now
Private Seed 1000 GB1000 GB350 Mbps, UnlimitedFree€10.00/mOrder Now
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Private Seed 2000 GB2000 GB350 Mbps, UnlimitedFree€25.00/mOrder Now
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Private Seedbox servers.

Private seedbox: high-speed and secure file transfer

Upload, download and share large files faster than ever? Renting a dedicated seedbox gives you maximum value for money and the best performance! A private seedbox or seedhost is a private, remote server with a torrent application for high-speed uploading and downloading digital files through the web.
Safely downloading and uploading files using torrents at very high speeds. Very attractive to the P2P and BitTorrent communities.