Hosting VPS Windows

Hosting VPS Windows WDMSH


Are you looking for hosting VPS Windows? Well, we can help you with high quality servers that fits your needs. We’re specialised in high performance hosting packages. Can’t you find a package that fits your need? No problem! We make customized packages.


Why choose for webhosting?

With webhosting you have your website available throughout the whole world. With webhosting it’s easy to work where you want whenever you want. No problems with updating servers, connection problems or some other problems. You’re flexible for low costs. We offer you fast, perfect organized servers. All domain names can be registered for through us.


The difference between VPS hosting and Shared hosting

VPS hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting, which means that you have your own server. A virtual server that is hosted by virtualization with several other VPS’s on an extremely powerful physical dedicated server. Every server has it’s own environment and therefore the same capabilities as a physical server. Shared hosting is a lot different than VPS hosting. It’s all in the name, with shared hosting you have to share the server with multiple other users. Hereby the power of the server is a lot less than by VPS hosting.


‘WDMSH with the highest privacy in offshore hosting’


Some more information about WDMSH

WDMSH is here to deliver the best web hosting services. We are an international company for hosting, VPS hosting, Windows servers, less expensive dedicated server and cloud hosting. Our servers are of excellent quality and they are equipped with the most powerful processors of Intel and AMD. Our servers meet all the security requirements and have the required certificates. WDMSH is part of A Microglo LLC company which started in 2013. We have one vision to cater to the hosting needs of small, medium and large sized businesses. Our focus is on digital entrepreneurs and web professionals.


The Real Bulletproof Dedicated, host anything you want!

NL-XEON E3-1270V6 3.50GHZE3-1270V6 3.50GHZ 4C/8T8 GB240 GB SSD11 Gigabit50 TBFree€85.00Order Now
NL- Special Mail Server - NO STD BlockCPU Quad Core4 GB60 GB1250 MbpsUnlimitedFree€100.00Order Now
NL-E3-1276V3 3.60GHZE3-1276V3 3.60GHZ 4C/8T8 GB240 GB SSD11 Gigabit50 TBFree€84.00Order Now
NL-XEON E3-1246V3 3.50GHZE3-1246V3 3.50GHZ 4C/8T16 GB240 GB SSD11 Gigabit50 TBFree€84.00Order Now
NL-2x Intel Xeon E5504 2.13GHz2x E5504 2.13GHz 8C/8T8 GB240 GB SSD11 Gigabit50 TBFree€110.00Order Now
NL-Intel Xeon E3-1240v5 3.50GHzE3-1240v5 3.50GHz 4C/8T16 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit1 Gbps UnmeteredFree€175.00Order Now
NL-2x Intel Xeon E5620 2.40GHz2x E5620 2.40GHz 8C/16T16 GB240 GB SSD11 Gigabit50 TBFree€130.00Order Now
NL-XEON 2X E5-2620V3 2.10GHZ2X E5-2620V3 2.10GHZ 12C/24T16 GB240 GB SSD11 Gigabit50 TBFree€161.00Order Now
NL-XEON E3-1230v6 3.50GHZE3-1230v6 3.50GHZ 4C/8T16 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit1 Gbps UnmeteredFree€245.00Order Now
NL-XEON 2X E5-2640V3 2.60GHZ2X E5-2640V3 2.60GHZ C16/T3216 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit1 Gbps UnmeteredFree€249.00Order Now
NL-2x Intel Xeon E5620 2.40GHz2X E5620 2.40GHz 8C/16T16 GB240 GB SSD11 Gigabit1 Gbps UnmeteredFree€275.00Order Now
NL-Intel Core i3 2100 3.10GhzIntel Core i3 2100 3.10Ghz 2C/4T8 GB120 GB SSD11 Gigabit50 TBFree€50.00Order Now
NL-XEON 2X E5-2660V3 2.60GHZ2X E5-2660V3 2.60GHZ 20C/40T16 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit50 TBFree€340.00Order Now
NL-XEON 2X E5-2620V3 2.10GHZ 32GB2X E5-2620V3 2.10GHZ 12C/24T32 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit1 Gbps UnmeteredFree€340.00Order Now
NL-XEON E3-1230v6 3.50GHZE3-1230v6 3.50GHZ 4C/8T16 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit2 Gbps UnmeteredFree€395.00Order Now
NL-2x Intel Xeon E5-2630 2.30GHZ2X E5-2630 2.30GHZ 12C/24T32 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit2 Gbps UnmeteredFree€475.00Order Now
NL-2x Intel Xeon E5-2450L 1.8Ghz2X E5-2450L 1.8Ghz 16C/32T16 GB240 GB SSD140 Gigabit1 Gbps UnmeteredFree€250,00Order Now